JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Calmando Blend


JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Calmando blend contains no added sugar. The functional herb, St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is legendary for its calming quality. The first coffee infused with the herb, it is an alternative for individual who uses the St. John’s wort as supplement or drinks it as tea.

JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Calmando blend is a strong, thin-bodied, medium-roast coffee with slight bitter aftertaste and beautiful herbal aroma. A perfect and cozy brew to unwind to after a hectic day, or a genial companion during the weekend. Relish this congenially warm beverage according to your affinity; black or sweeten with any kind of sugar, but most lovely with honey. Put in some milk for a lush, dessert-like caffé latte that leaves you longing for more.

JA St John Coffee1

Product Details:

Model: 100% Arabica coffee blend in instant form with added herbs

Ingredients: Coffee powder and Hypericum perforatum extract

Flavour : Delicate roast taste

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