JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Vivo Blend


JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Vivo Blend contains no added sugar. The functional herb, Ginkgo biloba is distinguished for its blood circulation improvement properties and as brain performance enhancer since the ancient times. Excite your mind and senses with this bright and creative blend of fortified gourmet-like coffee.

Reach for a cup of JoyAmaze Herbal Coffee Vivo Blend, a unique medium bodied, medium-roasted coffee drink with exotic spicy aroma and taste. Hold up well on its own, but is also delicious when sweeten or added with milk. Pour a bit of sugar or honey for a syrupy brew. Treat yourself to a refreshing caffé latte with a combination of honey and milk.

JA Gingko Coffee1

Product Details:

Model: 100% Arabica coffee blend in instant form with added herbs

Ingredients: Coffee powder and Gingko biloba extract

Flavour : Smoky with a touch a spice near the end