JoyAmaze Prémune Coffee


JoyAmaze Prémune Coffee Arabesque Blend a medium roast, medium bodied coffee imbued with natural functional ingredients, Cordyceps militaris and shiitake (Lentinula edodes) extracts. Cordyceps and shiitake have been used for centuries in the Orient, especially in China for longevity, modulate body’s natural resilience and general wellbeing. Suitable for metropolitan dwellers as you are constantly exposed to pollutants.

Enjoy the relaxing taste of JoyAmaze Prémune Coffee Arabesque Blend a bittersweet coffee unadulterated yet contains no added sugar.  Add with only a hint of sugar or honey if you prefer it sweeter. Savor a refreshing caffé latte when added with some milk.

JA Premune Coffee1

Product Details:

Model: 100% Arabica coffee blend in instant form with added herbs

Ingredients: Coffee powder, Cordyceps militaris extract and Lentinula edodes extract

Flavour : Bittersweet

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