JoyAmaze Siim Coffee


JoyAmaze Siim Coffee Fantasia blend is a medium bodied, medium roast coffee to complement your well-balanced and healthy meal and exercise program. Made with exceptional compositions of 100% Arabica, and the dynamic extracts of green coffee bean and green tea to help to support your energy to maintain an active lifestyle, may even help to keep your physique slim and trim and your self-confidence high. It contains no added sugar.

JoyAmaze Siim Coffee Fantasia blend is crafted especially for individual who are looking for low calorie beverage as it is perfect on its own. You can add any sweetener – natural would be better, or milk or other additives. If you love a guilt-free celebratory caffé latte, enhance the coffee with a little brown sugar and a splash of milk.

JA Siim Coffee1

Product Details:

Model: 100% Arabica coffee blend in instant form with added herbs

Ingredients: Coffee powder, green coffee bean extract and green tea extract

Flavour : Strong roast taste with a touch of citrus

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