Yes! JoyAmaze Coffee now available in Malaysia!

JA Coffee Series2

JoyAmaze, the brand from USA, is start selling their “Strong Coffee” on Lazada Malaysia. These coffee is so “strong”  in aroma and taste compared to most of the coffee available in Malaysia, and it exhibit a unique characteristic as well.

JoyAmaze launched 7 types of premium coffee at once on Lazada Malaysia, which provides a wide selection for the end consumer. All newly launched JoyAmaze Coffee comes in the form of black coffee, which means, Kopi O kosong. We will need to add sugar or creamer to suite to our own preference.

I personally like the Premune Coffee, Vitamin Coffee and Energy Coffee. They are slightly bitter, strong aroma and after taste. I would said these coffee got a very “Strong Character” compare to most of the famous brand available in the local market, which I believe there will be a niche consumer who prefer premium coffee will found on these USA formulated products.

One thing I noticed was these are not the normal premium coffee, but they are functional as well. Normally if I take a cup of XXX brand white coffee, it couldn’t help me to stay alert for long time, especially in the afternoon. After taking the JoyAmaze Energy Coffee, I am awake all times with “fully functional brain”! You know, my brain sometimes “Jammed” after a delicious and heavy favourite Nasi Kandar lunch, two cups of white coffee are needed in the afternoon to keep the brain working at speed 10-20 kmh. The Energy Coffee is really amazing! It is like keeping my brain operating at the highway limit for the whole afternoon. FULL with HorsePower!

For details, you can visit to JoyAmaze shop on Lazada at

Else, you can also check on JoyAmaze website, or visit their Facebook Fanpage JoyAmazeOfficial