Tanzania coffee prices edge higher as supply falls

DAR ES SALAAM, Dec 17 (Reuters) – Tanzania’s coffee prices

rose at auction last week, tracking higher New York and London

markets, the regulator Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) said on


The state-run TCB said 18,046 60-kg bags were offered at the

latest sale and that 14,401 bags were purchased. At the previous

sale, a total of 24,685 60-kg bags had been offered for sale,

with 18,892 bags sold.

“Overall average prices at the Moshi exchange were up by

$4.80 per 50 kg for mild arabica and robusta prices were up by

$19.53 per 50 kg compared to the last auction,” TCB said in its

auction report.

“Average prices at the Moshi exchange were above the

terminal market by $6.54 per 50 kg for mild arabica and robusta

were above the terminal market by $15.59 per 50 kg.”

TCB said benchmark grade AA sold at $110.00-$170.00 per bag

at last week’s auction, higher than $100.00-$123.20 per bag

previously. The average price was $119.28 per bag, up from

$112.41 at the previous auction.

Grade A fetched $112.60-$119.20 per bag, compared with

$113.00-$119.40 per bag at the previous sale. The average price

was $117.42, from $115.78 previously.

Tanzania, Africa’s fourth-largest coffee producer after

Ethiopia, Uganda and Ivory Coast, produces mainly arabica and

some robusta coffee. Prices of its arabica normally track the

New York market while those of robusta take their cue from


TCB said New York markets rose by $1.71 per 50 kg, while

London markets also inched higher by $6.05 per 50 kg.

East African coffee is normally packed in 60-kg bags, but

the prices are quoted for quantities of 50 kg.

The TCB says it expects the 2013/14 crop to fall to 45,000

tonnes from around 71,600 tonnes in the previous season, the

highest output in 20 years.

The next auction will be held on Thursday, but the

regulator said it was considering suspending next week’s auction

due to year-end holidays.


PRICE (dollars)



Arabica AA 5,481 4,109 110.00 170.00 119.28

Arabica A 2,921 1,978 112.60 119.20 117.42

Arabica AB 3,086 2,829 106.00 160.00 119.62

Arabica B 1,860 1,487 100.00 116.60 114.92

Arabica PB 1,143 982 102.00 129.00 117.08

Arabica C 1,490 1,419 76.00 107.00 94.57

Arabica Organic 468 – – – –

Robusta Organic 1,597 1,597 90.00 90.40 90.09